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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Car Trip Morocco - Day 11 Tafraoute

Initially we became rather frustrated in Tafraoute. We had come here in order to hike. However, no one would sell us any detailed maps or guide books - the shops in the tourist business were only interested in selling guided hikes and tours. Came across Mohamid who was in principle very helpful and friendly but he also had no maps - he showed us his shop including his visitors book which included comments from our generations climbing greats - Joe Brown, Chris Bonnington etc. 
Jeannette eventually solved our problem by finding this website
which gave descriptions of several hikes in the area
We chose to do the Adrar Idekel hike described below

which started at the village of Idekel, not far from our hotel
Drove back up towards the pass we had crossed on entering the valley the day before
 and drove a short way down the rough track towards the the village of Idikl
 then headed for the SE spur of the ridge
 passed the small village of Idikl
 and worked our way up to the top of the ridge - no obvious path presenting itself
 which involved some scrambling

 some wild flowers caught my eye
 and cactii
 getting closer

 a tricky bit ahead - some exposed rock climbing required - decided to play it safe and made a detour
 gained the top of the ridge

 good spot for lunch

 more scrambling

 progressing along the ridge top

 more scrambling

 and  more scrambling

 great to be alive!
  more scrambling

 more flowers

 the final peak before the descent

 happy couple

 back to our starting point after a very enjoyable exhilerating hike with some adrenalin kicks thrown in

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