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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hike Gran Canaria 9 Dec 2012 Artenara to Los Berrazales

Took the "Sunday" 0815 hrs bus nr 220 from the Telmo Bus Station in Las Palmas to Artenara, arriving there at around 1015 hrs
Had elevenses at a cafe in Artenara before starting hike nr 25 in the Sunflower Walking Guide to Gran Canaria
 The hike would take us via a combination of minor roads and old tracks down the Barranco de Agaete via the hamlets of Lugarejos, El Hornillo and El Sao to Los Berrazales near San Pedro.

Very soon after leaving Artenara we had views of the cave hamlet of Las Cuevas

 zooming in to one of the more elaborate cave dwellings which had an extensive facia built in front of the cave
 more caves

 are we going the right way?
 covered levada type waterway
 route well signposted
 Good spot for a break with super view of the cave dwelling hamlet of Lugarejos on the side of the Embalse de Lugarejos reservoir

 zooming in

zooming in closer on some of the cave dwellings
 The Embalse de Lugarejos reservoir
 Terraced fields
 Inquisitive goat
 .... another inquisitive goat
 Prickly pears

 The Embalse de Lugarejos reservoir

our route crosses the dam

 and climbs through the Tamabada pine forest above the reservoir

 views of the reservoir
 The track splits, one way going to Tamabada, the other going to the northern side of the lower reservoir, the Embalse de Los Perez reservoir which lies below the Embalse de Lugarejos reservoir - our route
 The famous landmark, Roque Nublo just visible on the horizon
 zooming in to Roque Nublo
 The Embalse de Los Perez reservoir

 crossing the Embalse de Los Perez reservoir dam
 Looking down into the Agaete Barranco
 spectacularly perched cave houses of El Hornillo high up in the cliffs
 zooming in to one of the cave houses

 can just see the sea at the end of the Agaete Barranco
 Cave for sale

 another cave house - complete with satellite dish at the right

 End of the road - El Hornillo

 small church in El Hornillo

 Start of the steep track down the Agaete Barranco


 top of old disused flour mill at El Sao

 can just see the old flour mill left center
 El Sao
 Car Park at end of road Agaete on the coast up the Agaete Barranco
 our track soon leaves the road again
 looking back up the Agaete Barranco
 Looking towards Los Berrazales and San Pedro
 Los Berrazales

 Bus stop at Los Berrazales
 where we caught the 1542 hrs nr 102 bus to Agaete
In Agaete, the 102 bus changed number to become the nr 105 bus which left at 1630hrs for Las Palmas

Back on Dutch Link around 1730 after a very interesting and enjoyable hike

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Anonymous said...

Geweldig , wist niet dat er ng zoveel van die cave-woningen in gebruik zijn en al helemaal niet dat je die op Cran C kon vinden!!Dus voor ons was deze blog weer zeer leerzaam.Hartelijk dank.LNG