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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2017 Hike Gran Canaria Barranco de la Mina 19th April

0855hrs 19/04/2017 cycled together with Margaret (from S/V Sea Bird) from Las Palmas Marina to the Telmo bus station and caught the 0930hrs nr 303 Global bus to San Mateo where we caught the 1030 hrs nr 305 bus towards Tejeda. Got off at the bend in the GC15 where it crosses the Barranco de la Mina, waypoint nr3 in Rother Walking Guide route nr 23. Below is Viewranger Map with our route shown in green.
The bus stop where we got off the bus to start our steep climb up the Barranco de la Mina 
Start of the hike
Soon entered the narrow gorge
With dense clusters of the rosette-leaved Aeoniums
The Gorse was in full blossom
Abandoned house with 3 cave entrances below it
At 1250 hrs we arrived at the Degollada de Becerra
With super views over the central Caldera - Roque Nublo to the left, Roque Bentayga to the right
Fine place for a break with Roque Nublo in the background
Our path descends to Cruz de Tejeda where welcome refreshments await in the Parador
View across the road from the Parador which we reached at 1400 hrs
 After refreshments on the Parador terrace, including Tejeda assorted almond cookies, we caught the 1515 nr 305 bus back to San Mateo which linked to the Nr 305 bus back to Las Palmas - this was a very enjoyable hike.

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