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Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Hike La Palma Poris de Candelaria

Wednsday 24th May, Mike caught the 0830 hrs bus from outside the marina to El Jesus for the hike down to the Poris de Candelaria, (Hike nr 34 in the Rother Walking Guide). The whole track is shown below on the Viewranger map
Bus stop El Jesus
Walked along the main road a short distance to the south side of the Barranco del Jurado

And found the signs to the Playa del Jorado, my first objective
The first part of the hike was not so interesting as it meanders through a mixture of roads , houses and banana plantations
Superb views of the coast
Eventually reached the rusty remains of an old cable railway which had been constructed to bring water from the wells below to the banana plantations on top of the cliffs. From here, a steep trail zigzags down the Barranco del Jurado cliffs to the sea below

Intermediate Mirador

Starting to see some houses tucked under an overhang at the bottom of the cliff at Playa del Jurado
Closeup view
Large sea cave


 Playa del Jurado





After a rest here to the sound of breaking waves, returned to the small dwellings under the overhang

Then followed the trail up the ramp to this dwelling to the Cueva de Candelaria over a ridge into the next cove


Top of the ridge separating the two coves
Looking back to the zigzag path down to the Playa del Jurado
A tourist boat from Tazacorte


Cars can get to this parking place just 5 minutes walk from the Poris de Candelaria




First glimpse of the magical Poris de Candelaria
With its houses tucked under the huge overhang - they are never in the sun









The return trail
With superb views of the stunning coastline

After reaching the top of the 200+ m high cliffs, the trail continues steeply up in almost a straight line for several kilometers

Until finally reach Tijarafe where I met Jeannette and caught the 1445 hrs bus back to Tazacorte Marina


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