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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 Hike Gran Canaria, Barranco de los Cernicalos

12 May 2017, drove towards Lomo Magullo and then Los Arenales on the GC 132 and parked at the car park at the start of the hike up the Barranco de los Cernicalos (Rother's Walking Guide nr 69. The track of our hike is shown on the below Viewranger map
The car park
Start of the hike
Through reeds
Along a "Levada"
The trail followed the gurgling stream, crossing over it many times as we headed upstream
Several cascading waterfalls enroute
Our end point - it was possible to climb to the top of this and continue following the stream, but decided that it was a bit risky as it had been drizzling during our hike and the rock was wet and slippery
After returning to the car, we drove to Las Vegas and had a very pleasant lunch here - very friendly staff - altogether a very pleasant hike.

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