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Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Hike La Palma Torre del Time

Monday 22nd May, Mike caught the 0830 hrs bus from just outside the Tazacorte Marina and got off at the Mirador del Time at 0845 hrs to hike to the Torre del Time 4.5 km away. 
(Part of Rother Walking Guide trail nr 35)

The hike climbs up to the ridge overlooking the Barranco de las Angustias (Viewranger map)
The hike starts close to the bus stop
And climbs up this steep road
Eventually reaching the ridge with super views over the Barranco de las Angustias and Llanus
Reached the pipe bridge under which I had walked a few days ago on the return of the hike to the Mirador del Time
Looking up into the Caldrera de Taburiente. Unfortunately, the cloud was quite low and the visibilty was hazy

The trail continues
Over lava flows in places

The trail curves back to the crest of the ridge

I had originally expected the trail to follow the crest of the ridge right from the Mirador del Time, as indicated on the Viewranger map. However , the white/red cross on this rock indicates that I had not missed a split in the track but that the ridge trail had for some reason, been closed off.


Another cross roads




Around 1120 hrs reached tge Torre del Time

The Torre del Time is permanently manned as a lookout for forest fires of which there have, unfortunately, been several over the last years

Views from the Mirador


In view of the poor visiblity, I decided not to carry on up the ridge but to return via the forest road which stayed more or less at this level of 1100m.
The forest road
Reached the start of the return trail from the ridge

Passed several houses, one of which had two sophisticated Astro Telescopes (His & Hers?) in the back garden
Trail continues steeply down

Well signposted!


Eventually reached the bus stop at El Jesus
And caught the 1345 hrs bus back to the Tazacorte Marina

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