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Friday, July 27, 2012

Flores - Development of Porto das Lajes

The historic photos in this blog are also courtesy of Tiago, the Manager of the Porto das Flores Marina - thank you again Tiago.
They show the development of the port  in stages over the years from a small whaling station and fishing port with a quay for docking small boats to a port with a substantial breakwater for docking ferries and freighters and container ships to, as of  2010, port with a separate protected marina
not so calm
waiting for the passenger ship
passenger ship almost anchored
 Ships had to anchor off at this stage of development and cargoes and passengers brought ashore by small boats
the passengers arrive by shuttle boat
 Work starts on the main breakwater
 enabling ships to dock alongside for the first time

 The new breakwater
 The breakwater at night
Stormy weather

 Portos das Lajes in 2012, complete with marina - and Dutch Link moored inside the protected marina breakwater.
the port has come a long, long way since the original whaling station/ fishing port in terms of safe mooring
Some of the islanders that we talked too, however, are not so enthousiastic about the progress. They prefered the prestine bay before all the harbour development

As a visiting sailors, however, we very much appreciated the safe feel of the snug marina.

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