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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Horta - Opening New Passenger Terminal 28 July 2012

Since we were here in Horta the first time - 2010 - a new mole has been built north of the original harbour and marina. This is the new passenger ferry / cruiseliner terminal
 At 1100 hrs on Saturday 28 July 2012, the new terminal was officially opened.

 Looking south from the new terminal towards the original harbour and marina.
 Walking along the long new outer harbour wall

 The local TV station prepares for the grand opening
One of the local bands puts everyone in festive mood

 A Priest blesses the venture
 A commemorative Plaque awaits the moment veiled with the Azorean Flag

 The commemorative Plaque
 The Governor ? of the Azores declares the terminal to be open
On Sunday 29th July 2012, the egula ferry from Horta to Pico moves its base to the new terminal. We understand that the quay is long enough to moor Cruiseships.
It is expected that now the ferries have moved to the new terminal, the very busy crowded marina will be enlarged.

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