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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Santa Maria July 2012

 During our stay on Santa Maria the part of the town closest to the marina had a small street party for themselves and anyone who cared to join them
for 7 Euros one could each as much as one liked in a very jovial atmosphere
After dark a couple entertained us to modern songs accompanied by an electric violin

 Afterwards, we wandered back to the marina passing the area where they were weighing boxes of fish. At 1700hrs that evening some 16 boats with all female crew went fishing. At 2300hrs they were back in port and their catch weighed
 The fish, mainly Bicuda, a type of Baracuda, were put in boxes with the name of each boat displayed
 Some boats caught two boxes full, whilst one unfortunate crew caught nothing
 Jeannette on deck repairing our Yankee - we had decided to replace it with the larger Genny as we would probably be in lighter winds and more on a reach for the next part of our cruise through the Azores
For an idea of Vila do Porto and previous experiences on Santa Maria see previous blogs
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