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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hike Flores PR2FLO Lajedo to Fajazinha 13 July 2012

Woke up on the morning of Friday 13 July to find grey skies and drizzle - not what was forecast. However, by 1000hrs , skies cleared and decided to do the hike we had planned.
Caught the 1100 hrs bus from Porto das Lajes direction Faja Grande

and got out at 1125hrs at the village of Lajedo in the SWest of Flores

 Walked to the old church where Hike PR2FLO starts

 Lajedo church

 Climbed into the belfry - very modern electrically operated bell hammers

The first part of the hike was along a tarmac road

 but after a few minutes entered a coastal footpath with pleasant views
 past an in-field milking device

 and , of course, lots of hydrangeas

 Almost all the fields are separated by hydrangea hedges - understand that the hydrangea has the advantage that cattle do not eat it

Not only were there many hydrangeras, but on this hike there were many Montbretias

 crossed several streams
 more Montbretias
 view of the famous Organ Pipe outcrop - Rocha dos Bordoes

 Entering the village of Mosteiro

 Several of the old houses had an arched lower entrance to a room under the house for keeping agricultural equipment - the arch allowed for a wide entrance

 As in other Azores islands , each village has a Casa do Espirito Santo - on Flores these are not so colourfully painted as on other islands
 note the arched entrance
 After leaving Mosteiro, we headed for the rocky hill top centre of photo

Much to our surprise it was full of hikers - the most we had seen so far
We decided it was too good a place for a lunch stop so we shared it with them
 with pleasant sea views
 and a view back over the village of Mosteiro

 Along the trail we noticed quite a lot of the same plastic bags on the ground - first reaction was what careless hikers. On closer examination it seems they were rat poison - presumeably rats are a problem here
 As we approached Fajazinha, the trail dropped steeply to the valley down a cobbled track, the cobbles smooth and slippery wih mud we were glad of our hiking sticks
 view of Faja Grande
 and the waterfalls falling down the cliffs
 The village hotel Aldeia da Cuada above the cliffs above Fajazinha

Mutual interest
 the church of Fajazinha

 Decided not to rush the remaining few kms to Faja Grande, the official end of the hike as the bus from Faja Grande stopped at Fajazinha. so relaxed instead
 and enjoyed my Kindle
Waiting for the 1500hrs bus from Faja Grande to Porto das Lajes
A very pleasant hike


mgjb said...

Thanks for the nice descriptions of your hiking trips. The island appears a very peaceful place.
Greetings from Bilthoven

Luís Henriques said...

Very happy to see that you liked my homevillage (Fajãzinha).
Best wishes,