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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Car Trip Morocco - Day 1 & 2 Agadir to Tisselday

Picked up our Dacia Logan hire car from Weekend Car Rental in Agadir on 6 November and set off on a two week tour of central Morocco with our friends.
Our tour took us via the fast Agadir - Marrakech motorway to the north of the Atlas Mountains then recrossing them via the Tissi Techla pass
on the way we were hooted several times by several passing cars - after stopping to investigate we found that we had a pucture in a rear tyre
 a nail
 Punctures seem to be very commonplace in Morocco - every village has at least one tyre repair shop
 There has been a lot of rain in this part of Morocco lately - as evidenced by the swollen muddy streams
 and we were graced with a wonderful rainbow

 mountain village in the Atlas mountains

 Approaching the Tissi Techla pass, snow marker poles marked the sides of the road
the Tissi Techla pass
 We had taken longer than expected on our trip - maybe stopping too often to admire the views, so we were benighted before reaching Ouazarzate, our original destination for the first night. Driving along mountain roads in the dark was not our idea of fun so we consulted the Lonely Planet and found a guesthouse in the tiny hamlet of Tisselday. Actually, on stopping in the hamlet to try to find the hotel, we were accosted by Lahcen, one of the brothers owning the Dar Isselday Guest House. Decided to check it out and found a 
delightful spot to spend the night.
Tea Moroccan style
 was very welcome after the long drive
 Nejep and her two sons and sister in law
 Kamal, the other brother served us a superb Tagine which Nejep had prepared - her Tagine' proved to be the best we had during our trip.

 Breakfast on the terrace
 after which Kamal took us on a 6 hour hike which started with a steep climb up the rocky hill directly behind his guest house.

 past the Kasbah

 the over the high plains
 to a small canyon, the otherside of which was a remote Berber village, our objective
 a bit of scrambling

 brought us to the canyon floor where we enjoyed a picnic in the fields
 Horses and primitive ploughs are still use to till the earth
The lower part of the village had been abandoned

 so we climbed to the new village higher up
 a rest under an overhang
 the new village
 The ladies of this house welcomed us in

 for tea
while Kamal barbequed some kebabs on a charcoal fire on the floor

 One of the ladies demonstrated the simple local wool spinning method
 which Mike found just about impossible to copy
 joined by several of the children
 After our enoyable visit, continued walking down the canyon floor
 and eventually made it back to the abandoned Kasbah
 which we explored
 before returning to Dar Isselday
 for another of Nejeb's superb Tagines
 in the very pleasantly decorated dining area
 Reluctant goodbye to Kamal
 and his Dar Isselday Guest House - highly recommended if you are passing this way

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