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Friday, November 30, 2012

Car Trip Morocco - Day 6 Tinerhir to Tazzarine

After Mohamid's guided tour of the old town of Tinerhir, we drove south to the small hamlet of Tazzarine
through more arid rocky landscapes
The wind kicked up a sandy haze
our first close-up of a locust
lunch break under an Acacia tree for shade
 Camel ahead warning
and indeed we saw many camels on the way
who amazingly seemed to enjoy the Acacia leaves despite the long sharp thorns

Our destination for the night - the Riad du Sud Kasbah Hotel in Tazzarine. We drove past this sign to start with as we had not expected to have to drive 500 meters along a rough track to get to it
the Riad du Sol Kasbah Hotel - as remote as they get
but once inside its walls, a very pleasant place to stay for the night
our bedroom straight ahead
the Berber flag hangs in one of the halls
Wikipedea states this:- 
In the 1970s the Berber Academy (Agraw Imazighen) proposed the first Berber flag. In 1998 the World Amazigh Congress made the flag official at Tafira on Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, which were formerly inhabited by the Guanches, an ancient Berber people.
The flag is composed of blue, green, and yellow horizontal bands of the same height, and a Tifinagh letter yaz or aza.
Each color corresponds to an aspect of Tamazgha, the territory inhabited by Berbers in North Africa:
The yaz symbolizes the "free man", which is the meaning of the Berber word amazigh, the Berbers' own name for themselves. It is in red, the color of life, and also the color of resistance.
The Berber flag thus symbolizes the entire Amazigh people, living in harmony with their land, Tamazgha.

 Views from the Kasbah roof terrace
Tazzarine village with graveyard in the foreground

the Date palms surrounding the hotel

our bedroom

more views of Tazzarine
the graveyard
A very pleasant overnight stop - highly recommended

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