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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Car Trip Morocco - Day 5 Todra Gorge from Tinerhir

Drove the short distance from Tinerhir to the Todra Gorge passing these date palms

the Todra Gorge - even more spectacular than the Dades Gorge

Parked the car at the far end of the Gorge
and started the circular hike described in the Lonely Planet
the trail first followed the rocky bed of the stream

then zig-zagged up the hillside
made it!!

good picnic spot
passed a Berber Tent
rocky descent
the village of Tingui which is on our route

getting closer
a heavily loaded Berber lady climbing, presumeably to the Tent we had passed high in the hills
for a few coins, she agreed to have her photo taken

Tingui, at the mouth of the Todra Gorge
the old Kasbah
wandering through the Kasbah
crossing the stream
passed some ladies washing clothes in the stream

a useful place for arranging adventurous activities - climbing, hiking, horse riding - also a good place to stay

reentering the Gorge

several climbers were in the Gorge - looks as though this is a Mecca for rock climbing - unfortunately those days are gone for me ...

hotel in the Gorge reached by fording the stream

our very enjoyable round trip hike complete - back at the car
and shadows  ...
super time of the day with the sun low in the sky

Spent a second night at the Hotel Kasbah in Tinerhir.
The next day, Mohamid, the owner took us for a walk around the old town and to this Riad where carpets were being woven, old style
Mike did not bother to try spinning this time ....

we understand one carpet takes weeks to weave
our guide Mohamid

afterwards we bought some dates at the market
and drove away towards Tazzarine after a very enjoyable stay in Tinerhir/ Todra Gorge

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