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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adams Creek

On the 1st December both Rhum Line and Dutch Link left Charleston after tricky manoevers to extract ourselves from the smallish dock in a strong northerly wind.

We made the 0900 opening of the Wappoo Creek Bascule Bridge and motored against a strong ebb tide in the narrow Elliot Cut.

After a very pleasant trip through the winding Stono and Wadmalaw Rivers partly through reed marshes we left the ICW and headed south down the North Edisto River to Adam Creek where we moored against Bill & Jacqueline's jetty with Rhum Line rafted against us. Had a great evening in their beautiful holiday home. Last night (3/12) we were waiting for a southerly storm to blow through - Strong winds, heavy rain, severe thunderstorms with chance of tornados are forecast for tonight (2/12). Happily the storm passed without incident and the sun is once more out.

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