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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beaufort South Carolina

Left the jetty in Adams Creek at daybreak 4th December so as to reach first 65 foot bridge well before high water. Tide gauge showed just over 64 feet so went cautiously under and waited for the VHF antenna to ping on the bridge (top of antenna is 64.5 feet above water ) - no ping so made it with millimeters to spare.

Rest of trip took us through rivers and cuts bypassing oxbow bends with marshy reed swamps either side.

Anchored just past the swing brdige close to the old town of Beaufort. dinghied into town and stayed there to stroll down Bay Street which had stalls and various choirs marking the start of the Xmas holiday period. Unfortunately it was a rainy evening so we returned to the boat before the official lighting of the town Xmas tree.

On 5th December celibrated St Nicolas with Poll & Kyra from Yara and Ted & Trish from Rhum Line on board Dutch Link .

Jeannette baked Pepernoten.

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