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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sao Miguel, Ponta Delgada, Azores 3 June 2010

We are enjoying relaxing here in the new extension to the Ponta Delgada Marina. The marina

is very reasonably priced - just 20 Euro/day including electricity, water and showers. The

showers are amazing - there are about 10 individual shower "suites" - ie one has ones own

toilet, washbasin and shower are very spaciously laid out in the large "suites" - what a

luxuory. Everybody we have met is very friendly.

The town is a delight to stroll around, the buildings mainly in old Portuguese style with

streets and pavements surfaced with black basalt rock with patterns outlined in white

limestone - a pleasure to the eye. On Tuesday the area around the main church was turned

into a playground for the kids.

A great treat for us was to discover that old friends S/V Oasis who we sailed in company

with on the Blue Water round the world rally live here. Manuel and Leticia plus Carlos and

Guan all came on board for a reunion meal on Dutch Link - great to reminisce and share

experiences - last time we saw each other was in Aghios Nicolaos on Crete in 2003.

The front finally caught up with us this week - but who cares - we are nicely moored in the

Marina. The sun has now come out and the weather is forecast to stay good for the next week.

Tomorrow we start exploring the island.

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