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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beach Tourada a Corda & Folklore 7 August 2011

A procession of boats arrived in the marina and statues of saints were offloaded and carried to the church. Later, the beach behind the marina filled with people waiting for .... yes the bulls. No Festa is complete here in Praia da Vitoria without playing with a bull on the beach

We had a grandstand view of the beach Tourada a corda
Many small boats tied themselves to the buoys marking the swimming area to watch the fun on the beach

This was the last day of the highly enjoyable , albeit tiring, Festa. However, the Terceirens cannot, it seems live without a party. So, although this was the last day of the Festa, it was also the first evening of the week-long International Folklore Festival.
At 2130hrs we were back in Rua de Jesus to watch the opening procession with folklore groups from many different countries taking part - a pity the Morris Dancers from the UK were not taking part.

After the prcession, back to the Townhall steps for a folklore concert

The evening ended with a firework display celebrating the end of Praia's Festa and the beginning of the International Folklore Festival - never a dull moment in Praia da Vitoria!

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