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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Praia da Vitoria 18 to 23 August 2011

Our stay in Praia da Vitoria is proving to be very pleasant with a lot of social contact with other yachties. We are keeping ourselves a bit fit with daily walks up the stone steps to the Virgin May Statue (about 100 meters above sea level) and afternoon swims from our jetty to the far end of the swimming area.
18 August another barbeque was organized by the yachties in the marina with Tony once more entertaining us on the keyboard

Colette and Keith sang duets
and Kari played the Penny Whistle
We are very lucky to have so much talent - a very pleasant evening
19 August we had a pleasant evening introducing Sea Jade to Appelgebak and Rummy Cube
The next day 20 August Mari presented us with her special Fruit juice cocktails which went well with the rest of the appelgebak
Hanlie decided it was time to dance in her new red bikini
so there we were on Dutch Link's aftdeck dancing the morning away

21 August we felt it was time to explore a bit so we climbed the stone steps up the hill to the statue of the virgin Mary and walked towards the American Base. The road passed between fields with several abandoned farm houses - we understand that their previous owners are likely to have emigrated to the USA.
Had a picnic lunch on the viewing platform overlooking the runway - this is one of the longest runways in Europe serving not only the commercial flights but also the American Airforce Base.
We understand that it was one of the emergency landing runways for the Space Shuttle. It is also used for in-flight refueling of airforce planes flying non-stop from the USA to Europe.
22 August Mari helped us make a second Appelgebak
A happy Mari about to put the Appelgebak in the oven
and later proudly serve it to
the crew of Sea Jade (Martin, Henda, Mari and Hanlie ) and Zee Zwaluw (Riens and Ineke) and Dutch Link - yum-yum
Later we shared Martin's birthday cake

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