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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hike Terceira PdV to Porto Martins 27 August 2011

27 August we decided to explore the coast south of Praia da Vitoria to the small coastal town of Porto Martins.
Around noon walked past the tents on the side of the marina where a car rally had taken place the night before. We had wondered why they had not removed the tents as it is now a couple of weeks since they were used for the Festa. This most be one of the few places where a car rally is held almost completely indoors.
We skirted round the commercial harbour at the southern side of the Praia da Vitoria Bay whilst ominous grey clouds approached.
The rough track led past a popular surfing spot
and onto recently reinforced coastal defences
protecting the main oil storage tank farm for the island
The coast here is very rocky
Time for our picnic lunch
The track along the coast petered out but we found a convenient farm track leading between the stone wall separated fieldsWe were very lucky with the weather - it seemed to be raining heavily in Praia while we had only the ocassional few drops
Glimpses of Porto Martins

The well kept church in Porto Martins with the typical Espirito Santo Imperio opposite

Inside the Imperio was a simple altar table with candles - an accident appears to have happened with them ( possibly the sun melted the candles)

As in Biscoitos, a series of rock pools has been created in Porto Martins with easy access to the sea for swimming - a good solution if there is no sandy beach close by

Took the 1530hrs Nr 8 bus back to Praia

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