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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hike Terceira from Serreta to Lagoinha PRC3TER 24 August 2011

Left the boat at 0715hrs 24 August to catch the 0750 Nr 3 bus to Biscoitos. Then caught the 0930 bus from Biscoitos to Angra. Left the bus shortly after 1000hrs at Canada da Fonta in Serrata.
Walked up the Canada da Fonta to the start of the PRC3TER hike.

An information board at the the start clearly outlined the route

The hike was very varied in scenery and vegetation
passing through areas of Ginger Lily (Hedychium Gardnerianum )
and Cryptomerias

After a steep climb we reached the Small Lagoon inside a small craterA little further we reached the Trg point, the highest point of the hike at around 800meters
A good place for lunch
with superb views

On the way down we passed picturesque pastures lined with Hydrangeas
between deep steep sided ravines
Hydrangeas and cows - almost a symbol of the fertile Azores

The path continued down a ravine with crumbling pumice sides
In places on the hike, there were many pieces of black Obsidian scattered on the trail - a natural glass formed when felsic lava is rapidly cooled. 

through a hydrangea lined track
returning once more to Serrata with the neighbouring island of Sao Jorge clearly visible in the background.
At 1500hrs caught the bus to Angra where we caught the bus to Praia. Jeannette stayed a couple of hours in Angra to do some "winkelen". Her bus to Praia was held up for 15 minutes in a village due to .........? yes , a Tourada a Corda in the street through which the bus had to pass. Terceira must be the only place in the world where playing with bulls has priority over everything else!

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